Weekly WI: Up At Home, Down At My Meeting

Since I wasn’t able to attend my WW meeting last week, I didn’t get my loss recorded.  This week I gained a bit of my loss from last week back but luckily I still showed a loss once I got to my meeting.  So…a win in my book!

After a training session with Tyson and my WW meeting, I was super energized and re-focused.  I really, really, really enjoyed my days off work this week and my downtime/laziness.  But, I really struggled with food while at home on those days off.  Even on Monday night, I was still eating mixed nuts thinking “this is it…after this, I’ll eat better.”  It has been a constant struggle and something I need to stay focused on and work harder on combating.

My trainer hadn’t realized yet that I logged my gain (home weigh-in before I go to training) and commented that I must have had a loss.  I’m not sure if it was because I was wearing a different shirt or what but he thought I looked smaller.  I feel good!  So despite having a gain I just feel good.

And, I realize I have to keep moving if I’m going to get under 200 pounds.  I really want to get there!

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