Half Way Through My Successful Week

I shared a blog post yesterday from my weight loss days noting when I lost 101 pounds.  Being a member of the 100-pound-lost club was wonderful.  I’ve said many times that there is a lot that goes into losing 100 pounds (or more) but that feeling of actually seeing that milestone met is incredible.  And lately, that has been my motivation to keep pushing hard at my weight loss struggles.  I am staying focused on once again being under 200 pounds and especially on re-gaining my place among the 100+ pound club. 

I put together a comparison photos.


The photo on the left was taken in late December after buying a larger t-shirt hoodie so I didn’t feel so restricted in my clothes because of my consistently expanding size.  The photo on the right was taken yesterday in the same t-shirt hoodie.  I can notice my weight loss a lot in my face but it is also nice to see it in the full body as well.  I do feel like I can see a difference.

These photos are comparisons from my “before” photos and what I look like now.  10-years of Weight Watchers has been good to me.

I had Sunday off, which was nice, but I’ll tell ya, I am dying to have at least two full days off together.  One day off is just never enough.  I woke up, did my WATP DVD workout so I could stretch out my muscles since I was super sore from my training session yesterday.  We did the "card" game where each card signifies a move (push-ups, kettle bell swings, burpies, and air squats).  The suit is the type of move you do and the number is the amount of reps.  You have 30 minutes to do as many cards as you can and if you get through the whole deck, then you try to improve your time as you go along.  He says we do this once during each 12-week session group but with my bum knee, we took a break last time. 

My first time doing cards I completed only 47 of the 52 cards.  This time I got through all 52 in 25 minutes.  So from here, we just try to improve the time.  It is really hard and I was saying all sort of bad words in my head while I did the workout.  But, I am glad I have showed improvement.

I was also really proud of my food yesterday since I seem to struggle on days off with boredom eating and not preparing much in the way of healthy foods at home.  We ate out twice and I used 18 WPPV but my Bravo is that I didn’t snack on the yummy mixed nuts that we have in the pantry.  It is easy to snack on nuts while watching TV.  Instead I drank some flavored waters and apply my Easter Jamberry nails.  I also gave myself a pedicure and put some gel on my toes.  I’m having a Jamberry pedicure party on April 22nd so I was excited to use the product.  And, it kept me from engaging in boredom eating.

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