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Thursday, August 14, 2008   

My New Weight Loss Goal
Current mood:  optimistic
As I have bogged before, and some of you I have complained to, my weight loss journey has slowed a bit.  It has been very frustrating and depressing at times here recently (a 3 pound gain where I cried after I had my weigh in). 
I have decided I need to focus more on the toning and less on the numbers.  I have been doing The Biggest Loser Maximum Cardio DVD for two weeks now as well as Walk Away The Pounds 2 and 3 Mile VHS (old school).  I have been feeling good but have been up and down at the scales. 
My new goal is to be at my goal weight by my 30th birthday!  That is right kiddies….by October 25, 2009 I'd like to be at goal with weight watchers.  My doctor and I set at goal weight at 175 pounds.  So I have another 25 pounds to go as of today's date.  That means a lot of work since it is just creeping off these days.  That will be 129 total pounds lost!  I think a little over a year is a reasonable time frame.  After all…it is not a race it is a journey (I have to keep reminding myself of this).  
Thanks to all that have been encouraging and supportive during those times I needed a good pick me up.  I have come a long way…and I still have more to go! 

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