Weekend Fun: Pedi Party, Friends, Food, Alcohol, & Being A Kid Again

OMG!  I had so much fun over the weekend that I was genially sad to have to return to work on Monday afternoon.  SO. MUCH. FUN.
I hosted a Jamberry Pedicure Party at my house on Saturday afternoon.  I’d been looking on the internet looking for low calorie/sugar cocktails and something might be fun and different.  I settled on a spiked strawberry lemonade recipe that still needs to tweaking.  But, it was still yummy. 

My Jamberry consultant brought me the prettiest bouquet of roses that also had some glitter on them.  I stopped into the Dollar Store to pick up some flip flops, which happen to be in season so I had lots of fun colors and prints to choose from.  We enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere where we soaked our feet, used foot scrub, lathered up peppermint lotion, and finished with paint and/or Jamberry wraps.  It was a really fun time.

Saturday evening, Phoenix and her neighbor Deena joined me for some downtown fun.  I wanted to keep it low key so we started out at the tasting room at Longdrop Cider Company.  Rebecca met us there.  The cider was good but the owner had her dog there.  The dog would bark at us while we were sitting at the table and the place smelled like a vet office.  Not sure if we will be back.  We walked to Boise Brewing Company to try some beer and then bid farewell to Rebecca.  Phe, Deena, and I continued onto Old Chicago for some food.  OMG!  So good. 

Lastly, we hit up Dutch Bros as they now have a location in downtown Boise and it was open until 1am.

On Sunday, I was invited to Wahooz Family Fun Zone in Merdian to meet up with my friends and celebrate Julie’s birthday earlier in the month.  We all bought one of the unlimited passes so we could go on any attraction/ride we wanted to and it also included mini-golf and bowling.  We had so much fun.  I can’t wait to go back!

With all the extra hours needing covered at work and the abundance of OT, it was wonderful to have two days off in a row and to spend so much fun time with my friends.  It sure did help me de-stress.  Sadly, I had no days off with Kenyon but I’ve just learned my upcoming time off request has been approved so soon I’ll have 11 days off with him.  I can hardly wait!

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