The Return Of The Expensive Salon

I’m not sure if I shared with you but six weeks ago I started going to a new hair stylist as my previous one is on maternity leave with triplets.  My long time hair stylist also left to have a baby several years ago.  So, it has been pretty traumatic in the hair category as of late.  The thing is, my previous stylist, while she is nice and one of my longtime school friends, I just didn’t get a consistent hair cut nor did I love the style each time I left.  Upon a recommendation from a coworker, I have entered the world of expensive hair salons once again.  The good part is that you get offered free drinks and snacks and you get a really nice head/neck massage with your shampoo.  So, some upgrades for the extra cost.


This was my second visit with my new stylist Kari and I do love her and her cutting.  However, both times I feel like she has cut my sides too short.  With that being said, I either got used to it or it was cut how it was supposed to because my hair has looked pretty good.  So, I’ll wait it out and perhaps tell her next time not to go as short.  I am very hard to please when it comes to my hair.

It was a beautiful sunshine day and 70 degrees.  When I parked downtown and walked to the salon, I desperately wanted to be sitting on a patio enjoying a cocktail with my friends.  It was difficult knowing I had to go to work in a few short hours.  Sun….warmth….daylight…I miss you!  I spotted a new-to-me coffee shop on my way to the salon but it was closed when I finished up, I just got new shirt which shows just how much I’m addicted to coffee.


Since I was downtown, I took my new shirt out for coffee at Flying M before heading home to change for work.


I am anxious for the weekend so I can enjoy some downtime and (hopefully) sunshine.

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