Weekly WI: Small Loss & Perfect Activity

Despite some crazy over indulges this week along with some unrolled eating, I squeaked by with a small loss this week at the scale.  My food this week was much like a roller coaster.  One day I was on track and the next I was eating everything in sight and not counting points.  I don’t know why I think just because I don’t track it doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when I had a small loss as I expected the worst (and on Sunday the scale was up but it came back down on Monday).  Allowing myself to get too hungry was behind two days of my crazy eating and the other day was being in a serious food funk.  I was super board with my meals so I’m going to work harder to shake it up this week in the food department.

Although I feared a large gain, there was one very big positive from my last week.  I met all three of my Apple Watch goals: 500 movement calories, 30 minutes of exercise, and standing at some point during each hour for a total 12 hours.  I was super excited when my watch rewarded me after completing a seven day stretch.


I’ve not worked out for seven days in a row in a long time.  It feels really good and makes me want to push to keep my activity streak going.  Even if it is just a leisure walk, I’m going to work harder at getting in 30 minutes of activity a day.  I set my Apple Watch for another week of 500 movement calories and unless I workout, I don’t usually meet it.  A new week is upon me and I am ready to go!

We got our super cute spring charm from our Spring meeting challenge.  You had to attend four of six meetings to earn your charm.  It will look great on my key chain and a nice addition to my stash. 

I’m not going to be able to attend my Monday night meeting next week due to having to work overtime, but I’ll make sure I pop into a meeting sometime in the week.  I have started a new 12-week tracker so my goal is also to have continual losses these next 12 weeks.  I really want to get into the 220s so I am determined to keep myself focused.  I won’t let my food get out of hand again this week!

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