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Tuesday, May 20, 2008   

Losing weight at the speed of a snail!
Current mood:  annoyed
I have been working up to losing 100 lbs on Weight Watchers since I started.  That has been the first goal I set for myself, to lose 100 lbs.  The next is to be less than 200 lbs.  And then finally start setting my sights on my final goal weight.   
I am getting very close to the 100 lb mark but also getting very frustrated.  I swear…it is as slow as a snail trying to lose weight sometimes.  I am now at 97 lbs.  I want to get my 100 lbs by next Tuesday since I have to change meeting sites.  I want my Caldwell group to share with me the excitement of reaching 100 lbs.  Now…although 100 lbs is a lot of weight to lose it is not the end of the line.  I still have a lot more to lose (that is what happens when your starting weight is so damn high!!!)  But needless to say I am still working at it.  
Looking at my last blog post, it has taken me a really…really…really long time to lose these 25 lbs that will take me to my 100 lb mark.  I had not realized I reached the 75 lb mark in December…yikes!!!  However I'll make it…if not this next Tuesday, perhaps the next. 
So guys…gals…anybody out there reading this…I have 3 lbs I have to lose this week to get my 100 lb weight lost by May 27th.  A large feat ahead of me but I am going to follow the program, stay within my points, drink lots of water, exercise like crazy, and resist all sugar temptations.  Oh…and no trips to Target just for their popcorn this week!  Or least keep it to a minimum.
I'll check back in once I have completed this task.

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