Pushing Outside Your Comfort Zone

After my training session with Tyson last Thursday, I met his next client during our stretching time.  Tyson had told me before she had gotten there the he expected her to cancel.  Since she had not sent him a text, he was still skeptical she would be a no-show.  When we got to the stretching area I saw this young gal with this very pitiful look on her face.  You could tell she didn’t really want to be there and commented that she didn’t want to be “that person who sent a text saying I wasn’t coming” so she decided to show up.  She might have physically showed up but mentally, he looked really unhappy about being there.

Making the decision to sign up for personal training sessions was a big push outside of my comfort zone.  I am really good at cardio and I know how to burn calories.  Remember that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.


What I don’t enjoy doing is the core work, strength, and weight resistance.  For some reason it is embedded in my head that if you aren’t breaking a sweat, you aren’t working out.  I’ve come to learn that strength training along with cardio is how you burn calories quickly and then later at rest.  Since I’ve started my training sessions I have noticed that I burn more calories at my sit down job on the days I exercise vs. the days I don’t.  I also feel like my body/weight loss is different this time around then my last time.  I’m not skinny by any meals but I just feel good in my clothes.

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is really hard.  Since December, I’ve been pushing myself twice a week and showing up for my training sessions knowing I’ll have to do push-ups, burpies, crunches, arm weight, plank, etc.  Some days I have to psych myself up for it and some days I tell myself, “bring it on.”  Even when I’m not feeling though, I hope I don’t look as sad as that young woman did.  And if I do feel that way, I sure hope I hide it well!



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