Catching Up

I’ve started training our new employee, Jaimee, and this time it is a Phase 1 training sessions which is much more involved than then I trained Patty.  So, I’m not on the computer as much now and when I am, I hardly have time to answer work emails let along get a blog post published.  I’ll try and keep up in “real time” but you might see more of my past memory posts.  I’ve still got many to share.

So, I’ll rewind the last few days…

On Friday morning, our newest group of troopers from ATC 45 graduated from our training academy.  I always enjoy going to the capitol for the ceremony and this time was no different.  Adam, who used to dispatch for us, graduated with this group and will now be one of our troopers.  We are so happy for him.


I was supposed to meet Rebecca for lunch since she works downtown but she wasn’t able to make it.  Costa Vida still sounded good so I redeemed a coupon for a salad.  The women in front of me ordered the grilled chicken and it looked really tasty.  I usually love the sweet pork so I changed it up and went with chicken.  The chicken was good, just not my usually yummy sweet pork taste. 


I ended up saving myself some points so I changed into my tennis shoes and walked to Flying M for coffee and a ginger snap cookie.  Sadly, no ginger snap cookies so I left empty handed and with my extra points still in hand.

 On Saturday my family had plans to take a drive to the Owyhee reservoir division dam and see what is known as the “glory hole”.  Due to our large snow volume and thus the large amount of water this year, you can actually see the hole when most years you can’t.  The hole is designed to take the excess water and re-direct it further down the dam.  I’ll admit, I was feely a bit dorky lining up to see this rare event, but once you do…it is pretty awesome.  I could have sat and watched it all day.

After we saw the hole in all its glory, we went further up the dam to the campground area for picnic.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.  We had so much fun.


I really wish Kenyon could have come but due to his work schedule, he stayed home.  I hope we can make a trip out again in a few weeks.  It is a very long drive, but worth it.

I was ridiculously tired from two days of little sleep and really wanted to stay home with Kenyon, however, I’d already made plans for Danielle to pick me up as we had a Jamberry event called Margaritas & Manicures at my consultant’s house.  Once I got there I perked up and was glad I went. 


I made it home around 9:30pm and Kenyon and I went to Texas Roadhouse for a bite to eat before returning home to veg the rest of the evening.  I took a nice long relaxing bath and fell asleep shortly after.  I’m working my 4-hour overtime shift now and just have four more 10-hour shifts to get through until I am officially on “vacation” for 11 whole days.  I can’t wait!

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