What I Ate Yesterday: Wednesday

I decided to photograph my food on Wednesday, partly for extra accountability and partly because my first meal of the day was yummy and I snapped a photo of it.


½ leftover Denny’s whole wheat pancake topped with 7g peanut butter, smear of honey, and a sautéed apple with brown sugar and cinnamon (6 SPV)

One scrambled egg with two egg whites and a ½ left over chicken gouda apple sausage from Denny’s (4 SPV)

Starbucks at home: dirty chai Americano made with espresso, ½ cup Chai skinny latte, and some cream (3 SPV)


5 oz chicken breast cooked in 1 tsp olive oil and a salad with 15 g Caesar salad dressing and 15 g sunflower seeds (8 SPV)

My coworker made a coffee run to Dutch Bros so I ordered a sweet treat.  A full small blended Dutch Freeze with white chocolate is 19 SPV so I only drank half (9 SPV)


Smart Ones Swedish Meatball meal (9 SPV).  I’ve never tried this one and it wasn’t too bad.  I failed to plan accordingly or I would have added some frozen veggies.

I’ve been drinking flavored waters as a way to combat those time I want to boredom eat or when I need that little bit of sweet after a meal.  I’ve been getting the Kirkland brand and the Crystal Ice brand.  They come in a variety pack and are sold at Costco, which makes them a bit cheaper.  They don’t have sugar and I like the sweet mixed with carbonation.


I’ve been ending my shift at work in the wee hours of the morning with fruit and yogurt.  I’ve also been adding slivered almonds for added crunch.  Just like sunflower seeds spice up a boring salad, slivered almonds spice up fruit and yogurt.

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