Weekly WI: Springing Into Action

It is pouring rain today and I am attempting to get my car into the dealership to check out a leaking issue happening on my back window.  However, despite the rain, it isn't currently dripping inside the car like it was last week.  Doh!  So we will see what they say once I arrive.  I've got extra time so I am typing this blog post at Starbucks.

My WI yesterday was a bit of a letdown.  I had another large gain (more than one pound) again this week just like last week.  According to my scale at home, I've gained 2.9 pounds over the last two weeks. It really made me bummed out all day yesterday.  I know I was feeling sore and retaining water.  That could be a combo of my poor eating and drinking over the weekend and my training session.  But, I don't like to make excuses for weight gain.  It always come down to what you are putting in your mouth and if you are keeping yourself accountable.  Since I switched days off, my "weekend" is the days before my WI.  My previous days off meant I still had four whole days before WI.  I have never been shy that I eat differently on my work days vs. my days off.  So, it has been no exception that the bulk of my over eating and careless eating has been happening right before my WI days.

So, there are changes I need to make and I need to continue to stay focused.  I actually wrote STAY FOCUSED on each of my tracking pages this week.  The plan is to eat within my points Tuesday and Wednesday and then eat my daily points Thursday - Saturday.  Then, I'll go back to eating my daily points on Sunday and Monday.  Hopefully this theory, which I've blogged about before, will show the results I'm looking for.  My only "planned" splurge day is Saturday with a family picnic in the afternoon and a Jameberry Cinco de Mayo party that evening.  I'm going to hold myself accountable and track/plan ahead.  I know what will be served so I can have an idea in place.  Then, I have part of Sunday off after I work my 4-hour OT so I'm going to stay alert and conscious of my food choices and NOT snack!  That is my goal.  I did some meal planning over the last few days and so I've got meals to plan/prep and I need to stick to them.  Having such a large spike over two weeks really irks me and throws me into action mode!

I did get on the scale this morning when I woke up just in case it was mostly water weight and I could ease my mind a little.  Regardless of what it said, I had a GREAT day yesterday with my food/tracking.  But, the scale was back down.  So, that does make me feel better and less stressed in thinking I need to take three pounds off this week just to break even from three weeks ago.  Oh man this scale can really mess with my head.

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