New At-Home Workout DVD

I read a blog recently that I found on the Weight Watchers Connect site.  The gal was sharing her journey and it always makes me so happy to read about people’s successes with weight loss, activity, and changing their lifestyle.  It literally gets me giddy!

One of the blogpost resonated with me in that she had gotten up early for the gym (which was out of the ordinary) and due to starting her day with a workout, there was a positive effect on the rest of her day i.e. making better food decisions.  That one simple act of dragging herself to the gym made a huge difference in how the rest of her day went.  And, I can contest to that!

I got a new workout DVD. 

I’ve got plenty at home but when I was leaving Albertson’s last Monday I spotted a section of workout DVD’s and a new-to-me Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds that I didn’t already own.  What caught my eye is that this was several different walks but all just 10 minutes.  I’ll be honest, lately exercise (activity) has felt like a chore and usually I am telling myself I just don’t have time.  It feels overwhelming to get myself ready for the gym, drive to the gym, workout, drive home, shower/change, and head to work.  Obviously I do all of that the two days a week I train with Tyson.  But, that feels more like an appointment and despite sometimes feeling like I don’t want to go, Tyson often complains about other clients that cancel so I am afraid to be one of them.

What is nice about at at-home DVD is that I don’t even have to wet down my hair since I’m not leaving the house.  I woke up on Friday afternoon and after putting my bathrobe over my night gown though to myself “put on your workout clothes.”  I had to make some phone calls which took about an hour but I still had plenty of time before I had to get ready for work.  So, I plugged in my new DVD and I did a 30-minute workout comprised of the easy walk, the kick and jab walk, and finished with the quick and sweaty walk.  And after…I was sweaty!


Since I had gotten in my workout which got my closer to my daily move goal of 500 calories, I made better food choices.  Instead of eating out on my way to work or with my coworkers, I made due with what I could piece together at home.  This saved me from over-indulging which I had already done both Wednesday and Thursday.  Our meeting topic last week was over-indulging and I guess I took it literally in that I needed to do it so I have something to discuss in my meeting (whoops!)

So, I was really happy with my decision to start my day with activity and allow it to help me make better choices throughout the day.

One other thing I noticed with my new DVD workout.  My Apple Watch tracks calories and it separates it into active calories and total calories.  The difference is that active calories mean my heart rate is “in the zone”.  After 30 minutes, my watched showed my heart rate was in the zone all but 70 calories.  I’ve never seen it that close so I am really happy with my new at-home workout. 

I had Kenyon take some action shots to share with you.

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