Weekly WI: A Good Sized Loss

I wasn’t able to make it to my meeting due to working swing shift overtime.  I did my Weekly WI at on my home scale and was very happy to see a loss of 2.2 pounds.  I worked hard this week and made it another week of perfect activity filling all three of my Apple Watch circles for all seven days.

I also kept my boredom eating/snacking in check this week and also stayed within my points using all but two of my WPPAs.  I am going to try and follow the same path this week as I did last so I can continue to see the scale go down.

I am very busy this week with something going on each day before I report for my schedule graveyard shift at 8pm.  I’ll have to get a little creative with my activity and find ways to sneak it in.  I think I can do my WATP DVD as well.  Then, Saturday I am hosting our family Easter celebration so I need to make sure I have some WPPA left, although our dinner meal will be my first meal of the day and I’ll have all my 35 DSPA to use.  Still though, I need to stay mindful and stay focused.  I am right on the cusp of getting into the 220s again and it is super exciting!

In other news, I am no longer a Halo Top virgin.  A few days ago I saw that our local Winco is now stocking Halo Top ice cream and I have wanted to try it.  For anybody that has not heard of it, HT is a low calorie, fat, sugar ice cream that is also low in points and higher in protein.  A whole pint will cost you anywhere from 9 SPV to 13 SPV.  That is a huge points plus bargain as each ½ cup serving is 2-3 SPV.  When we stopped in last Thursday the shelf was empty.  So, yesterday I was on the hunt for some HT.  I stopped at Winco and managed to find one vanilla bean, chocolate, and birthday cake.  Of those three, birthday cake is the best. 


I continued on my hunt, although I heard the other stores had them for $6.00 a pint and Winco was selling them for $3.92 a pint.  I ended up buying two more kinds at Rosauers for $4.99 a pint.  I got pistachio and salted caramel.  I like them both but pistachio is my favorite.  I am dying to try the Oatmeal Cookie and there are so many others out there to try.  The problem is they are so expensive, what if I don’t like it?  Is it tacky to return ice cream?  I promise, I only had a taste.


I cleaned the house from top to bottom in preparation for our Easter festivities on Saturday.  I rewarded myself with a beer when I was done.


Onto a new week we go!

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