My Tracking Is Starting To Become Sloppy

I've started to notice that my tracking has become a little lax and thus my eating has also followed.  Particularly on my days off.  When you are up all night watching TV, it is easy to get board and want to much on whatever it is you have around the house.  When I am work I am limited to whatever I brought to eat.  But, at home I have a whole kitchen.  Also, on my days off I don't always feel like reaching for a salad when I am hungry.  So, my days off have sort of turned into a free-for-all.  Between eating out and snacking in, it is really easy for me to consume a large amount of food.

Then, to combat the high point days I will often find myself eating super low points on my days when I return to work before my WI.  My goal for the remainder of this week and the start of my new week on Monday is to work harder on keeping the points in a closer mid-range instead of such a large spike in points followed by a large drop in points.

I've been staying on track since late December but I am starting to slip on my meal planning which I know keeps me successful.  I've got to work harder on keeping myself accountable to my food intake and my tracking.  If I do, I'll continue to lose weight which is the major goal.  I feel good with my 17 pound weight loss so I'm not looking to go back up the scale.

Just this week, some slight thoughts of guilt made their way into my brain after meeting with my personal trainer and hearing his comments about my weight loss.  It was sort of a general comment about "only losing one pound last week."  I am elated with a one pound loss so if this continues I'll need to have a talk with him.  I want to make sure my training sessions are a positive tool to my continued weight loss and not one that leaves me feeling bad about myself.  That is what made me stop attending my meetings and doing my WI regularly pretty much all of 2016.  I'm bound and determined to make 2017 a better year!

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