Vegas Anniversary Trip Night Two

(I decided to break this into two parts since it was one really long post)

Day two started at 2pm where we were up and at ‘em again for our only real full day in Vegas.  Since it had been several hours since we ate (just the one meal and we also shared some pretzel bites in the wee hours of the morning) we were STARVING.  We headed towards the bus to go to the North Premium Outlet Mall and eat at IHOP in the area. 

We made it as far as the next casino over and all the food/restaurants looked so appealing.  We ditched the traditional breakfast idea and had breakfast/lunch at this place called Slice, which happened to be during happy hour so each slice was half off as well as the appetizers.  We each got a slice and shared one of the toasted ravioli appetizer.  I also made sure to hydrate as much as I could with water.


We boarded the bus and headed to the outlet mall.  I bought some stuff at the Vera Bradley store but didn’t fall in love with anything at Kate Spade or Coach.  That meant for a very cheap shopping trip!  We back tracked to the area near Slice so I could get a photo with the Guinness Guy and buy some Guinness glasses for our home.  I knew I wanted to have a Guinness pint but you had to pay extra to take it to-go.  Since the bar next door RiRa was open until 3am, I knew I’d be back for my pint sometime in the night.


Next up was dinner at Luxor buffet with our 2 for 1 coupons.  It wasn’t very good.  We have been to the buffet for breakfast before and I think breakfast is way better than dinner.  We were really underwhelmed.  After eating we decided to venture down the strip and made our way on the Deuce bus to Fremont Street.  I ordered some drinks and Kenyon gambled.  He ended up winning big a few times and since he was cashing out at each hotel, we ended up ahead of what we brought to gamble with.  Score!  After killing several hours in Fremont Street, we needed to get back to Excalibur so we could redeem our free dessert coupon at Bucca di Beppo.  This is one of my favorite restaurants but since we didn’t really have time to eat there, we made it just in time to get our free dessert to go.  We chose the lemon cake which came with whip cream and raspberry sauce.  Kenyon opted to take it back to our room and so I made sure to get my 24-hour Starbucks fix to go with it!


At this point in the night/early morning, we had to decide if we were going to stay up all night and catch our early morning flight or if we would try to call it quits.  Neither of us were feeling tired so we kept moving along.  We re-boarded the bus again and made our way to Bellagio to see the conservatory which was decorated for the Chinese New Year.  It never disappoints!  And, at 1am, there isn’t many people there.


Speaking of 1am, I might be stereotyping here but seeing so many scad-fully-clad women on the arms of older men at that hour does make you wonder if they are a girlfriend or a working girl.  Things that make you go huh?  Anyway…

We had an appetizer at one of the 24-hour restaurants called America (not that great) and I also got my Guinness pint at RiRa.  I was a happy camper.


We took about a 30-45 minute nap and then woke up so we could get cleaned up and head to the airport.  I had a second Starbucks at the airport so I was able to stay awake until we got home about noon.  At that point we had been up for about 22 hours and boy did it take a toll on me.  I think I am still recovering from sleep deprivation! 

I won a small amount of money at the Vegas airport and we ended up coming home with the original gambling money we went to spend.  This is the first time we have come home with the same amount we left with!  I’m not sure why this was such a lucky trip for us in the gambling department but needless to say, we had fun.


We’ve got more travel coming up this year.  I am already ready for another break.

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