Vegas Anniversary Trip Night One

(I decided to break this into two parts since it was one really long post)

As usual, our Vegas Vacation was a lot of fun but was too short.  We arrived in Vegas at 7:25pm on Tuesday night and departed Vegas at 8:30am on Thursday morning.  So, more time would have been awesome and yet we might not have come home with any gambling money though.

Despite working very hard to lose almost 20 pounds, I knew I didn’t want to micromanage my food (and alcohol) while on this vacation.  I just needed a mental break and some time to relax.  So…I did just that!  We arrived and took a taxi to our hotel.  This trip we stayed at Luxor and booked a room in the pyramid.  Staying in the pyramid is fun because the elevators actually move sideways instead of up and down.  We had a room on the 7th floor and our room looked out over the courtyard on the second floor.  If you looked down there was a super long escalator that took you down to the chapel.  We never spotted any brides or grooms though.


We arrived a bit too late to eat at the buffet as Kenyon had a 2 for 1 dinner offer through My Vegas Rewards.  We were debating making our way to the Wynn to see a show but once we got to our room, we had a bit of a maintenance issue and ended waiting a long time for maintenance who never showed…all weekend!  So, we went in search of food FAST and decided to go back to T&T Tacos & Tequila which is where we had eaten on a past trip.  We were debating ordering the chicken enchiladas or the chicken burrito so we ordered both.  I ended up liking the enchiladas better.  And, as usual with Mexican food, once you fill up on chips, two meals is way too much.  But it was delicious.


I changed for the evening into my new sparkly shirt despite not going to a show.  We ended up just gambling in our casino throughout the evening.  I had a couple of really good wins and ended up playing off the houses money from there.  By the end of the night/morning, I still had my original $200 I brought to gamble with.  And I’d had a few drinks too!


Our hotel had a 24-hour Starbucks and I really wish we had some in Boise.

Day one ended at about 2am as we ran out of things to do and I had felt like my gambling streak had come to an end. 

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