A Laid Back Stay-Cation

I’m on day two of work after returning from three days off.  I am already looking forward to the weekend.  Sigh.

When Kenyon and I decided to have a mini stay-cation, we had thought about going out of town for at least one day.  Then, we ended up with an appointment on Tuesday with the CBH Warranty Team to look at a few items on our house before our warranty ends.  On Thursday, our HOA was having its annual meeting in the evening that we had wanted to attend.  So, that left Wednesday if we were going to head out of town.  We decided to just stay home.  I’m glad we did.  Kenyon and I rarely have more than one full day off together so it was nice to not only spend time together, but also do some much needed trip planning. 

On Tuesday, we had to be up early for the appointment at 1pm so we decided to seize the day and get it started.  I’d recently learned about a local company called Fit Donuts that makes low calorie/carb/sugar/fat donuts and we thought vacation was the perfect time to try some.  It is $10.61 for a half dozen so we had a variety.  The donuts range from 2-3 SPV and we ended up cutting them up so we could try a bit of each.


I didn’t care for them.  The donut is more of a sponge cake so I didn’t care for the texture.  Plus, they have very little sugar so they weren’t that sweet.  I think we both liked the raspberry one the best.  I guess we will be saving our money as we won’t be ordering them again.  But hey, it was worth a try.

We went to Costco and then to the mall to Shapiro, a luggage store where I’d recently met a very nice clerk named JeanMarie.  She ended up not being there but the clerk Ruth was super helpful.  We’ve stared considering the idea of carrying on our luggage for our next round of travel so we can prepare for our trip to Europe next year.  I’ve been watching a ton of packing videos to get tips/tricks.  At Shapiro, you can look at the luggage and even “pretend packed” with some packing cubes they have.  Ruth was great since we were super indecisive and just started looking.  Plus, we knew that we could probably find luggage cheaper on Amazon.

Since we were really close to Café Ole and they had buy-one-get-one-half-off on fajitas, we went there for dinner.  OMG!  It was amazing.  I loved every bite of it.


We debated a movie but were both pretty tired so we just hung out at home and watched travel videos on You Tube. 

Wednesday afternoon we dropped my car off at Edmark for an oil change and cashed in a 2-for-1 coupon at Golden Corral for their brunch hours.  I love buffets because I can get a little bit of whatever I want. 
Don't worry, I hate more than this!


Kenyon wanted to check out a couple of the AAA Travel Center stores in the area so we headed there to check out the travel items they had to look over.  I actually found the Eagle Creek carry-on luggage I’d been eyeing at Shapiro for an even better deal than Amazon.  I took that as sign I should just buy it.  It is their Load Warrior international size carry-on.  I did some test packing and started my list of where I could possibly cut down but it all fit!  I’ll do another blog post on that later.


We continued downtown to Global Travel for their expo event.  Avalon Waterways and Globus Travel did a small presentation and then they had ice cream for anybody that wanted it.  We had hoped to chat with our travel agent but she was busy with other customers.  We got some pamphlets and will need to finalize our Europe travel soon.  Since we were downtown, hitting up a beer/restaurant sounded really good but Kenyon wanted to hit up the mall again and then REI before they closed.  After that, we went back downtown and had dinner (and a beer) at Eureka!.  Downtown isn’t Kenyon’s scene so I appreciate him stepping outside his comfort zone.  I asked him for a “serious selfie” for our date nite.  Yep, not happening!


P.S. this guy rocks my whole world!

There was a promo that if you bought a beer from their partner company (Boise Brewing this week) you got to keep the pint glass.  Yippie.  And, I love BB beer.  Even thought I would have liked a set of glasses, I only had one beer.


Thursday afternoon started with my last personal training session once we picked up my car from Edmark.  The HOA meeting went well.  It is funny what people get all riled up about!  We were starving after so we cashed in the last of our gift card at Texas Road House for dinner.  This time I had the pork chop, baked potato, and salad instead of my usual ribs.  We saw Boss Baby at the cheap seats.  It was funny and we were the only people in the theater.  Our stay-cation ended with watching more travel videos on You Tube (yes…we are officially old).

Hopefully this time off together will hold us over until our official vacation, which is now about one month away.  Yippie!

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