Fun Eats

I’ve been making some pretty delicious meals with the Joseph’s Lavish Bread I found at Walmart last week.  It is just really yummy.
I had planned to make pizza at work but they pizza squares wouldn’t all fit in the size of the toaster oven.  So, I rolled them instead.  I must have pizza again ASAP.  It is my favorite food.

Joseph’s lavish bread (2)
Turkey pepperoni (2)
Motzarella cheese (4)
Tomato sauce (0)
Olives (2)
For breakfast, Kenyon and I made burritos and split one of the lavish sheets (they are really large).  I ended up assembling my burrito and then putting it back in the pan to crisp up the outside.

Joseph’s lavish bread (1)
Egg/egg white (2)
Sharp cheddar cheese (2)
Frozen potatoes cooked in olive oil (4)
I must replenish my supply of lavish bread ASAP!

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