Book Review: A Life Without You by Shari Low

I finished another of Shari Low’s books this time, A Life Without You.

Have loving the fun nature of the last book I read, The Other Wives Club, I knew this book would be more somber.  Just as the last book I read, this one is written in pieces each from a different character.  I really love this writing style.

The books is about Dee, whom tragically dies at the beginning of the book.  Her mother Val (and father Don), best friend since childhood Jen, and husband Luke are all left to pick up the pieces.  You get a glimpse into the grief played out by each character while they all still interact.  There is also some secondary characters that are also important to the storyline.

I’ve downloaded another of Shari’s books, A Brand New Me, which will be much more upbeat than her last book.  I’m excited to learn about some new characters.

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