The End Of Personal Training Sessions (For Now)

I had to stop my personal training sessions after my appointment yesterday because I need to use that money for our upcoming travel and it just makes the most sense. I have mixed emotions.

On one hand I'm relieved. It's kind of nice having control over my schedule again. On the other hand I'm a little scared. I definitely don't give 110% when I'm doing a workout on my own. Having a personal trainer definitely helped push my aerobic threshold.

Then I'm also a little bit sad. Tyson didn't take it very well. But what can you expect when this is his livelihood and he's just lost out on monthly income? But I'm also sad for the relationship that we have developed and how much he has pushed me and supported me over these last few months.

I’m still processing my emotions.  I know that I was ready to make the change back in December and I am glad I signed up for some training sessions.  It has helped me in my weight loss but I also know I can do this on my own.

I would like to keep the option open to return to training sessions in the future.  In the meantime, I’ll ride it out on my own and work my very best.  C7 593     

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