Weekly Wi: 30 Pound Star

When I met my goal weight in 2009, I maintained pretty effortlessly for about three years.  In 2013, it became harder and harder to hold on the thought of returning to goal and I hit an all-time re-gain high in July 2016.  Since then, I’ve been working my way back down.  When people say weight loss is a roller coaster, here is my literal representation.  (Feb 2012-now).


I’m happy to report that I’ve officially lost 30 pounds of re-gain weight!!  Yippie.

I hate to say I was surprised, but after our mini stay-cation, my hope at the very least was to have a maintain this week at the scale.  After all, we ate out quite a bit.  My trainer Tyson always told me that it takes a few days for the body to return to normal after a high point/calorie day.  Since our splurges were Tue – Thur, that helped bring me back down and obviously, getting back on track helped too.  I struggled with bordom eating at work the last few days and consumed some sweet treats and candy/junk.  So, the new week and the loss both came at a great time.

I don’t like to set time goals but I do want to lose another five pounds before our vacation, four weeks from today.  I am going to work really hard and see how much more I can take off before then.  I know I won’t be under 200 pounds by then, but my size 16 jeans fit pretty nicely when I tried them on last week so I’m hopeful by vacation time, they will look even better.

The weekly challenge is still going on (attend 11 of 13 weeks) and this week’s sticker said Commit. 


My commitment this week is better activity accountability.  I shared in my meeting and my meeting members are going to help me with my accountability.  I’ll report back on our community FB page on my progress.  I’m not sure what better accountability should be…but I’m going to come up with a plan and execute it!

Onward we go…

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