Jenny's Jamberry Launch Party

Before I came to work today, my sister Jenny had her Jamberry launch party at Lucky Perk Coffee.


She rented the back room and had a Mochas and Manis party, which sadly, wasn’t well attended.  I was bummed for her but still had a good time.  After all, I love coffee!


I have just gotten some new Jamberry wraps since I joined a club and was the rotating hostess last month.  I earned two free wraps and I bought one more using a half off credit.  I was hoping I could do a mixed mani with a plain wrap and a patterned wrap but I just didn’t have much that matched up color wise.  So, I went with a plain wrap called #fountainofyouth and I love it!


So far, I’ve not done just a plain wrap because I am all about fun patterns but this color of blue is fantastic.  I’ll have to add this to my list to re-order in the future.  I was going to make the tips of each finger silver but I just love this wrap too much to cover it up.  So, I added the accent ring finger with a tip of silver.  I don’t think I can stretch this all the way to our vacation but I am planning to put on #capecod for our upcoming cruise.

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