New And Different Activity Ideas

I set some goals for over the next four weeks and one of those goals is better activity accountability. 

In order to help me with this, I need to find ways to motivate myself.  I talked with my WW buddy/receptionist at my meeting on Monday night and she suggested a website/You Tube videos called Tone It Up Girls.  She described them a super skinny and kind of quirky but that the workouts were fun and short.

I did some Googling and found five videos each targeting a different area and all about 15-minutes.  I figure I can warm up and cool down on the treadmill to make an easy 30-minute workout that changes daily. 

I also jumped on the Leslie Sansone website, queen of the Walk Away The Pounds at-home walking videos.  I own several of her DVDs already but decided to join the monthly subscription ($4.99 per month and first month free or you can pay $49.99 for an annual subscription).  I have nothing to lose for this first month since there was a free promo code.

I will get a different walk video each day for download.  I’m super stoked to try out some of these walks.  I’m sure there will be many I’ve done before, but having a new walk each day will help to shake things up.

I’ll report in on my goals as the week progresses!

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