A Belated Mother's Day

This is a photo taken of my Mom and I at one of my annual Hawaiian parties (that explains the coconut bra and lei).

It is a little belated for Mother’s Day, but I thought I would post this photo to share on my blog.

I love my Mother.  I was blessed with the best Mommy in the whole entire world.  She is an exceptionally loving person, caring, kind, and very supportive.  She is super generous and never lets me pay for a meal out together.

She has always been there for me when I struggled.  Weather it was college courses, job and work issues, and when I joined Weight Watchers. 

The biggest bonus: I look just like her!  That is my very favorite part.  I love looking like my Mom because she is somebody I care an awful lot about.

Happy belated Mother’s Day Mom!

Thanks for always being there for me and my siblings.

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