A Really High Points Day

I wish I had taken photos of all the food I consumed and my meals out on Wednesday.  It has a VERY, VERY, VERY high PPVs day, however, not a ton of food.  It was just really high PPV foods.

My day did not start out with the plan to consume so many PPVs.  Wednesday starts my new WW week and often after eating out and being little more lax after my WI, getting back on track Wednesday with a fresh new week is exciting.

I had my usual oatmeal and cream of wheat mixture cooked on the stove with an apple and some cinnamon.  I always add peanut butter, brown sugar, and honey (trying Agave Nectar now) after cooking.  6 PPVs used.

I decided to workout at home since the service guy was coming to the house to replace my car windshield.  I did a 5 mile WATP (Walk Away The Pound) DVD that took me a little over an hour.  5 APs earned.

I was starving after my workout.  Not sure what that was all about so I suggested we go out for lunch.  I had my eye on Sizzler and their steak and salad bar coupon for $9.99.  Kenyon and I have been eating out a lot and since payday isn’t until Friday, I am poor.  Thanks Kenyon for picking up the tab these last few days!  Kenyon suggested pizza.  He didn’t really want the temptation and I could have pushed to convince him otherwise but pizza sounded good AND we were just in time to catch the lunch buffet at Idaho Pizza Company (which is a very delicious pizza for those reading this that don’t live in Idaho).  It was the start of my week so WPPAs were just sitting there waiting to be used.

And boy where they used!  I got my usual salad bar fill with 0 PPV veggies and some pineapple then added a few beans and had my ranch on the side.  I had two slices of pizza and one of the cinnamon twists.  In hindsight, I should have stopped after two slices since really I was “satisfied”.  I went in search of a slice of supreme and also returned to the table with one that had cheese, olive oil, basil, and fresh tomatoes (which were picked off and given to Kenyon) AND two more cinnamon twists (they were fresh out of the oven, doughy, and I have no self control over sweets sometimes).  I ate half of each pieces of pizza and both of the sugary goodness.  My best guess is 38 PPVs used.  (EEEEK!)

I actually had dinner plans with my girlfriends so I wasn’t even thinking of eating out at lunch.  My plan for dinner was to have a shot of tequila, mix it with a glass of water, and add my sugar free margarita mixer packet, however, there was no open bar.  I could have skipped the drink all together but instead I decided to order a regular small margarita.  Since I had a late lunch and wasn’t feeling super hungry, I didn’t order much at the Mexican restaurant and had my fare share of chips, salsa, and bean dip.  I ordered a chicken taco but the tortilla was all wet and soggy so I ditch it and just ate the chicken and lettuce.  I also got a side of pinto beans (quite large) and ate about half.  Best guess is 20 PPVs used.

My total PPVs used for Wednesday was 64 (ouch) subtract 30 DPA and subtract 5 APs earned means I used 29 WPPAs.  That is a lot of WPPAs since I only get 49 for the week.  So, Thursday was definitely a day where I stayed closer to my DPA and succeeded in reeling it in.

I don’t usually start my week out using my WPPAs.  I mentioned earlier that often I will have something yummy or we eat out on Tuesdays so I reel it in for the first few days of my WW week.  I am not sure how this will affect my week.  Honestly, I have some food-events scheduled this week so I SHOULD have kept my WPPAs safe and secure.  Sometimes what we SHOULD do isn’t as fun as what we WANT to do.

You see healthy living is important to me but even I can still go overboard.  For now, there is no need to stress over it.  But, it is also not a reason to make this whole week a free-for-all.  I have activity lined up later this week and will make the days I don’t have food-events scheduled full of clean eating and Power Foods.

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