Guilt: That feeling of knowing you should be doing one thing but wanting to do the other.

I often deal with feelings of guilt in many aspects of my maintenance journey.  Sometimes that feeling of guilt is due to exercise, or rather lack thereof.  Skipping a workout can be tough, especially when you are injured or when you have a headcold.  It makes me feel guilty like I should be doing something even if my body is telling me I need to rest.

I also feel guilty when I skip my workout when I am tired and feeling low of energy.  I know that if I can just push through a few minutes that I might feel better, but sometimes I just don’t have it in me.  Working dayshift means my days start at 4am.  There isn’t much energy left by the end of my 10 hour work shift and skipping my workout sounds good.  It also makes me feel guilty.

There is also the guilt I feel when I know I should be exercising and have no better excuse other then I just don’t want to or I am just not feeling in the mood.  This makes me feel guilty since I know I really should be doing something and I don’t have a single reason not to.

Guilt will set in from time to time so learning to shush that voice, epically in times of injury or when you just need extra sleep is also important.  Exercise is important but so is rest.  Take it when you need it: guilt free.
There is always tomorrow

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