Green With Envy

I love my daily healthy eating habits and I know sticking to that plan also makes me feel good.

That doesn’t mean that on occasion I still feel like “it isn’t fair” when I see what others are eating.  I have learned a time or two that you also can’t judge somebody’s eating habits by just one meal either.

When I was in college a co-worker who had lost a good amount of weight told me to take a nutrition class as it was going to be my best opportunity to do so.  I wish I had listened to him.  Perhaps he was trying to tell me I needed to lose weight without sounding rude.  Since I never did take that nutrition class, I have had to learn more about nutrition on my own and educate myself on healthy eating.

It can be difficult to hold my tongue (and those that know me know I don’t really ever hold my tongue) when I see others eating habits.  Heck, working in a dispatch center is one of the unhealthiest food places I have ever worked.  Food is all about choices.  Some food choices are worth it and some aren’t.  I do my fair share of unhealthy eating and splurging both with planning and sometimes not.

I am pretty hard on my nieces and other people’s kids.  I feel that if you provide education on proper nutrition now that you giving your kids a greater chance of success later in life.  Most of us would love to eat dessert everyday for breakfast but in reality we can’t.  We must put good food into our bodies FIRST and THEN enjoy dessert.

We make a lot of choices in a day.  Make at least some of those food choices healthy ones.  You will be doing a good service to your body if you do.

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