My Surprise Encounter Last Monday

I attended a Monday morning WW meeting last week since we were out of town for my usual Tuesday morning meeting.  This was a new group to me, however, a few faces looked familiar since I know I have attended that meeting a time or two in the past.  It is also quite a large meeting and since I didn’t really know anybody, I shared about my weight loss as it was relevant to the topic.

After the meeting ended, a woman sitting just outside the meeting room called me by my name and then smiled at me.  I didn’t even notice her sitting in the meeting room.  I am not sure that I would have even given it a second thought had she not said something.  I am not even sure what I said to make her remember who I was.

Despite being fuller in the face I knew who she was.  It was Lynn, my very first WW leader. 

I think about Lynn often and was ecstatic to give her a giant hug.  It was so good to see her.  I asked her how she has been doing and she responded with, “well, I’m fat.”

I never really know how to respond when a WW member, new or old, makes comments like that.  We have all been there a time or two and I am nothing but understanding and sympathetic.  Weight loss and maintenance are both equally tough!  However, we are often much harder on ourselves then necessary.

Sure, I noticed she was fuller in the face then the last time I saw her.  I also know she was struggling at the time she retired almost six years ago.  What I didn’t remember is at that time she was also dealing with a heart condition and continues to deal with it today.  It is easy to let your maintenance program slide when focus is placed on other priorities.

Lynn could have just as easily left the meeting that day without saying a word ti me but I am glad she didn’t.  I have made contact her after I made goal as she gave us all her email address.  She is also a friend on Facebook.  I hope to see her again and at least now I know where to find her.  She asked that if I do attend the Monday morning meeting again that I don’t “out her” as a leader, which I respect 100%.  She said even when she was at her goal weight, she liked attending meetings anonymously.  WW leaders are WW members first and foremost and attending a meeting anonymously allows them to be just another member among the group.

I have been collecting photos of all my WW leaders for a future blog post.  I didn’t feel I could ask Lynn for a photo the day I saw her.  Who knows what the future will hold and if I will feel comfortable in a future encounter.  I do know I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day after seeing her. 

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