I Love To Fly

I think the travel bug has always been inside me. My Grandma Amos loved to travel as does my Aunt Barb Amos. My first time traveling alone was a trip to Colorado to see Aunt Barb. I am really happy I met somebody that also loves to travel. I think if I had not met Kenyon tough I would still take trips and perhaps join a travel group. Instead, I get to travel with my favorite companion!


We are just arriving home from a trip to New Mexico to visit Kenyon's family. They are a large group complete with five nieces and nephews. It is always good to see them all.

Ian and I
Myself and Evie
Myself and Maya
Evie, Alora, and I
Alora showing her silly face
Okay, so this one isn't a niece but they have a pretty cute puppy
It even sleeps in a tiny basket

They live in the outskirts of a town called Moriarty. I actually got out for a walk one morning to walk the whole main stretch of the town along Historic Route 66. The whole town is only about two miles long with only one main stoplight. There wasn't much to photograph as it really is mostly a stop over for truckers and mostly made up of restaurants and hotels.

I tried my very first Blake's Lota Burger burger. I can write home and say I had the experience but it wasn't a super fantastic burger. Their breakfast burritos ARE something to write home about. This bad boy has two fresh eggs, real hash browns, and cheese. You can also get several choices of meats and also some with beans. Delish!


The most exciting part of visiting NM is...
We don't have one in Idaho. Rumor is we are getting one in 2014. Fingers crossed!!

Our trip into Santa Fe was for one reason and one reason only...

We also don't have one of these in Boise. I am adding to my collection!!


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