Scale Tricks

The first of the month weigh in was last Tuesday for me. I was sweating bullets!

As I discussed before, scale anxiety will never fully go away. I had a great weigh in the week prior and was in goal range. However, that was still the end of April so I was not yet free for the month of May.

I know now what I need to do to lose weight and to keep it low and that is by increasing my activity. It just felt like I wasn't seeing the results I expected. I had also planned a Cinco de Mayo get together the day before my May weigh in which meant accounting for extra sodium too.

I stepped on the scale to see I was in goal range and free for another month. Whew!

Sometimes you will work really hard, eat all the right foods, and sweat more then you have in previous workouts only to find you have not met the weight loss or maintenance goal you wanted to. If I had not made my May weigh in, I would have just tried another week. If it wasn't that week then I would try again. We just never know what the scale will show.

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