It All Works Out In The End


Despite eating a crap ton of PPVs last week, I actually had a loss when I got on the scale this last Tuesday. Sometimes we just never really know what our bodies are going to do. It is important to always just trust the program. WW built this program with 49 extra WPPAs to be eaten whenever and however you see fit. Sure, if you eat all 49 extra WPPAs the day before WI, you might show a gain. But not eating them also doesn’t mean you will show a loss. We really just never fully know.

I was planning to get on the scale at my meeting regardless of what the number might say. My only requirement as a Lifetime member is to get on the scale the first meeting I attend during the month. As long as I am in goal range, I can still attend my meetings for free but I am not required to get on the scale.

When we got back from vacation in the middle weeks of May, my weight on the scale at home was 180. I knew I had some vacation weight to work off but was pretty confident it would all work itself out once I got back to my healthy eating and my usual activity.

Two weeks ago, I skipped the WW scale for a second time. I got on the scale at home the morning of my WI and saw I had lost a little. I was now 178.6. I don’t like to skip my WW “official” scale, or the scale I consider official, more than two times in a row. To me that meant I had to get on the scale at my WW meeting this week even if the number wasn’t in goal range (173-177).

I forgot to snap a photo, but my weight this last week was 176.2. Despite eating all my WPPAs and even still going into the negative I still showed a loss of 2.4 pounds. I am back in goal range and my plan is to stay there this week since my June WI is next Tuesday.

Being on vacation caused a slight kink in my weight for this month. Just before I left for vacation is when I was showing a low number of 174.6. This is all just part of the process and also part of being on maintenance. When I look back at my weight records entered into the Excel sheet where I keep track, my end of month WI for April 30th was 176. I maintained for a whole month with just being over 0.2 pounds, which I don’t even consider really anything worth worrying about.

My end of month WI on March 30th was 177.6, February 28th was 175.2, and January 31st was 177.8

If you look at both January and March, I am even down a full pound. Regardless of what the scale might show me, I continue to stay focused on healthy eating and activity. Perhaps I should start using more WPPAs early in the week like I did last week. I didn’t plan it, but I also didn’t deprive myself either.

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