When looking for blogging inspiration, I found this photo. Talk about accurate!

While I don't like to look at food as "good" or "bad" there are times where you eat something high in PPVs and wish you didn't. But, on the bright side, perhaps you didn't eat it all and in that case you are still winning the battle.

Many times though my weight loss journey I have felt cheated by the scale. During my maintenance journey I have let myself get depressed if I am not in goal range. I often take a step back and look at my weight record as a whole. When I did this during my weight loss journey I could see that even if I "only lost half a pound" that my overall average was still really good.

In my maintenance journey, I like to compare my weight for the same time frame at different years. It helps me to stay positive knowing that I might not be in goal range but last year I might have been 5 pounds heavier.

Sometimes you just need a new perspective.

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