Is There Really A Wagon?

I am not really a fan of motorists on the roadway doing a U-turn.  It sort of bugs me when somebody does it right in the middle of the road.  My preference would be to get turned around somewhere, anywhere, to avoid a U-turn.

I suppose if your weight loss or maintenance wagon is traveling off course it is important to turn around as soon as possible.  This would mean the need to make a U-turn.

I have never really liked the term “on the wagon” or better yet “off the wagon.”  If from the beginning you just simply make the choice not to view your weight loss or maintenance journey as being on any type of wagon than really you can’t ever fall off said wagon.

Maybe I am just being nit picky about people using politically correct terms.  Sure, it might be better to say, “I ate a ton of crap today/this week/the whole month and I need to quit doing that.” 

I chose to look at my weight loss as a journey.  There were mistakes made along the way and more food eaten than necessary a few times.  There have been times that I just haven’t felt like tracking, meal planning, or even exercising.  The same as been true for my maintenance journey and there will continue to be times I eat too much or I am just not feeling like healthy living at the moment.

Regardless of why times like these happen, I MUST pick myself up, dust off, and continue down this journey.  There is no wagon on this journey and not something I use as an excuse to eat unhealthy.  I know healthy living is what has got me to my goal weight and is what is going to keep me there.  The alternative means I gain the weight back. 

I don’t need a wagon.

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