Why Wait?

I have been a faithful reader of Lynn’s blog for a few years now.  Her most recent blog post talks about dealing with her depression.  She highlights a blog post by Brene Brown who is discussing a recent book she read that was very profound.  The book is called The Power of Starting Something Stupid written by Richie Norton.  Brene shared a bit of this book in her blog post.

"People wait.

They wait for the elusive day when they'll finally have enough time (guess what? - you never will), enough education (there's always more to know), enough money (no matter how much you make, someone will always have more) . . . People wait until that fateful day when they wake up and realize that while they were sitting around paying dues, earning their keep, waiting for that elusive 'perfect time' their entire life has passed them by."

Talk about some profound words!  I am considering buying this book for my own reading.

It is no surprise to any of my coworkers reading my blog that there was a time I was really unhappy at work.  For those that don’t know, the environment in a dispatch center is tough.  It is often negative, you get very few pats on the back, we work shift work with rotating schedules, and we work with the same people every single day which can cause some brother/sister and sister/sister conflicts. 
Right now, things at work are pretty good.  A few years ago it was very hard coming to work.  I used to dread driving down the lane holding back tears.  The most difficult part of how I was feeling is that it just felt like a piece of my life that didn’t fit anymore.  I was very happy with my husband and my marriage was great.  I was also very happy with Weight Watchers, my program, and where I was in my weight maintenance journey.  So you can see where this third component of my life just didn’t fit in anymore.
It was a very dark time for me.  Depression does run in my family and I do know that I get really bummed out during the winter months.  I decided to focus more on the happy places of my life and eventually, things at work started to turn around.  Perhaps maybe I just started to feed in less to the negative environment?
Kenyon and I love to travel.  I am so happy I have somebody to travel with and who is open to new opportunities.  I can’t constantly sit around and dwell on how I wish I had a better job or I wish I had a better working environment.  I know there are jobs out there where people love to go to work each day.  For right now, this is where I am supposed to be and at least my current wage affords us the money to travel (gotta look at the positive right??). 
I could wait around for a different job opportunity to come along.  I know one won’t just fall into my lap.  So in the meantime, instead of waiting, I will enjoy time with my husband as we travel the world.  That is where I am happiest!

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