The Funny Things People Say

Weight is one of those topics that seem to be off limits.  We have all learned a time or two to tread lightly when we make comments to another person.

“Congratulations!  When is the baby due?”

“I am not pregnant.”


Somehow the subject of weight has become taboo all together.  However, when I notice somebody is losing weight I like to comment to them.  After all, you work really hard to lose weight the least somebody can do is notice!  Even if it is just a comment such as “You look great” and then just let them take the lead from there if they feel like talking further about it.

I have heard some funny comments in the last six years.  The most popular comment I get quite often is, “Your hair is difference since I last saw you.”  This might have been true in the past as I have changed my hair a few times (or many if you ask my sister Katie).

If I haven’t seen somebody in a while I know my weight is noticeable and perhaps since they don’t know how to comment they pick the safe comment!

My funniest comment came from a family friend who saw me almost 100 pounds lighter at my wedding reception.  After I had filled my plate and sat down to eat, she came by and said “How did you get so skinny when you eat so much?”  I just laughed but my sister was mortified.

You just gotta roll with the punches and find a way to laugh at the odd things people say.

And, find a way to cut off the naysayer comments that people also say.

What odd comments have you received?

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