Don't Quit!!!

The title of this post deserves three exclamation points since it is so important.

I found this photo when I was doing a Google search the other day.  It is for running but I think it applies to weight lost and maintenance too.

“At some point during your toughest runs, it always seems like your mind will ask you to make a decision on whether to quit or keep going.  DON’T QUIT! You are stronger then you know.”

Weight loss is not easy.  Sometimes maintenance isn’t easy either.  In general I have never been one to quit.  The same was true for my weight loss journey.  Knowing I had to lose so much weight was overwhelming.  I never really thought I wouldn’t get to my goal weight.  There were some really tough times along my weight loss journey.  Once, it took me 12 weeks to lose just five pounds. 

I was frustrated.  I was upset with myself and questioning if the WW program really worked.  A WW leader explained to me that her personal belief is that when we are gaining weight, we gain a little and then plateau, gain a little and then plateau, etc.  Therefore, she also feels when we lose our weight it also takes the same pattern.  I just had to really stay focused on the plan, my reason for losing, and not give up!

It doesn’t make it easier though.  Somewhere deep down inside of all of us is a fighter.  When times get tough and the scale isn’t our friend, we need to look towards that inner fighter. 

Don’t give up.  Do whatever you can to find a way to hold on.  It really will be worth it in the end.  You will never get anywhere if you just give up.  Dig deep and remind yourself why you are on this journey.

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