The Scale....Ugh!

I am having some frustrations with the scale....again.

It is inevitable that I will talk about the scale often on this blog.  After all, the scale and the number it shows is important to Weight Watchers.  We all know that to really live a healthy lifestyle we need to focus on more than just the number on the scale.  Sometimes even our best efforts won’t be reflected on the scale.  I have been ramping up my activity, which usually bring my weight down.  So far my efforts are not showing up on the scale.


Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake had a really great blog post.  She joined the CrossFit fad and her efforts are really showing in the photos she posts.  She answered a question about gaining weight after starting CrossFit.

“’Did you gain weight when you started cross fit? When I was all upset about the scale last night my boyfriend told me to just stop weighing myself for a while because I may gain muscle in the beginning and I may actually gain before I lose. Just wondering what your take on that is?’

As far as my weight and CrossFit, my best advice: Throw out your scale. Seriously. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Your scale shows you ONE number about your ENTIRE body. ONE. Think about that. It’s not telling you very much at all. For example, here just some of the things it doesn’t tell you:

  • How fast you can row 1000 meters
  • How much weight you can Push Press
  • Whether your skinny jeans fit
  • How ripped your arms look in a tank top
  • How happy (or not) you feel in your current body

I guess what I am trying to say is that the scale doesn’t really give you valuable information. Ok, it shows weight loss progress as a whole, but there is SO much more to that progress as I mentioned above, which, personally, I find a lot more motivating and important than just a single number. I weigh 5-6 pounds more now than when I started CrossFit, but I’m happy to gain a few pounds on the scale in exchange for toning up, better-fitting clothing, and feeling great about my body.”

The list that Tina uses above is some items that go well with CrossFit.  What would your list of items include?

Here are some of mine:

·        Having my clothes fit from season to season

·        Knowing I am in good enough shape to go for a 5 mile walk on any given day if I wanted feel like it

·        Being content with my weight staying within my WW goal range, 173-177.

·        Being able to cross my legs

·        Seeing my cholesterol numbers improve each year, or at least not increase!

·        Seeing my husband smile because he loves me for me

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