My Wedding Dress

I didn't plan to have a traditional wedding dress. I wasn't even having a big wedding. Mom and I went dress shopping on Super Bowl Sunday. We went to David's Bridal. Since my wedding date was six weeks away, I had to buy off the rack. I looked at the bridesmaid type dresses and found a really neat pale purple dress I loved.

Mom encouraged me to try on some formal white wedding dresses. She didn't what me to miss out on my only opportunity to wear a true wedding dress. As I tried on several different ones, I realized that I did want the real wedding dress complete with a groom in a real tux. I wanted photos like the ones I saw at the bridal shop.

I was a size 20 after having lost 80 pounds. I got lucky when the clerk came to the dressing room with a dress in my size they were selling for $99 dollars. Somebody had put the dress on layaway and paid it off but never picked it up. So they were selling it for $99. The dress fit perfectly. I knew it was my dress and despite staying after closing hours, my Mom purchased the dress for me.

Most women look at their wedding photos and think, "I wish I could fit into that dress again." I look at my wedding photos and think, "I never want to fit into a size 20 again."

Who knows, perhaps one day we will renew our vows in a new size 14 wedding dress. In the meantime, I am happy to be one of the few who won't be fitting into her wedding dress again.

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