Test Post Using A MacBook Air

I am slightly obsessed right now with wanting a MacBook Air. It is one of two Apple laptops available.

I joined the world of Apple a few years ago when I was looking to upgrade my generic MP3 player for the small iPod Nano.  Kenyon decided to try out the iPhone 3 when AT&T was discounting this phone to $50 since the iPhone 4S had just been released.  I decided I had to copy Kenyon and also get in iPhone 3, returning my iPod Nano and loaded music onto my phone.

I am not sure I had fully joined the “cult” but Apple was slowly luring me further into their world.  I never thought I would purchase any other Apple device and I would made fun of a coworker for his “need to have the latest and greatest Apple product upon release.” 

I had started to consider purchasing a laptop for use at home so I didn’t have to boot up our old slow Windows PC every time I wanted to surf the web.  Kenyon suggested looking at an iPad, despite his personal biases with Apple.  I went to The Apple Store to play with the iPad and was impressed.  I went to Best Buy, applied for a credit card, signed up for 18 months no-interest-financing, and took home my new toy to learn all about.

I never planned to get any other iPad (can you picture the fishing line reeling me in??).  Then Apple had to go and release a new iPad with a front facing camera and a new color option of white.  Then Apple had to go and add enhance the screen with Retina display and add a FaceTime application where you can actually talk to a person through the device and see them while you are talking to them (assuming you remembered to comb your hair beforehand but don’t worry, you don’t have to brush your teeth).  I HAD to be in the cool club!  I found that Best Buy credit card I had tucked away in the drawer and again signed up for 18 months no-interest-financing, and took home my new toy.

I am fully aware that I can’t blame Apple for my impromptu purchases.  I have a slight addictive personality.  I use the word “slight” because my sister Katie’s addictive personality is worse than mine.  With that being said, I always knew I would upgrade my phone to the newest and coolest iPhone each time I was eligible to do so.  The release of the iPhone 5 had just occurred when it was time for my upgrade.  While the screen is slightly longer, I have screen envy over the Samsung Galaxy phones and still think the iPhone screen could be larger.  Regardless, I was also able to get an iPhone 5 in the white color.

I should end my story here (or at least have given you the shorter version) but I must admit that Apple hooked me even further with the release of the iPad Mini.  The Mini is everything that is awesome about my big iPad but it comes in a smaller package and is so light weight it is so much easier to carry around.  So, I got a white colored one, which was much harder to find than the black color.  I am fully aware that you now all think I have a much larger addictive personality then I mentioned previously.

This completes our circle and brings us back around to the MacBook Air.  I still use my big iPad at home all the time.  I love the instant on/off when I want to jump on the internet.  The iPad, however, is difficult to blog on.  Between this and a few other reasons I have started the process of looking at purchasing a MacBook Air.  Apple holds a conference every June where they make an announcement of the release of new products.  I am hopeful the announcement this year will be of a new MacBook Air so I am holding off on my purchase at this time.  Since I am not very good at waiting, I have purchased a book to help me learn more about Mac and I have been playing with the model devices in The Apple Store.  I also took a class offered by The Apple Store.

I learned in my Intro to Mac class how to drag a photo onto the desktop so I could insert it into the blog site.  I practiced with a few of the photos on the display model.  I am not sure how to actually credit photos, but the two photos below I borrowed (or stole because I don’t reall know how this works) from Apple.  Here is my practice photo blog post:

Not sure why or where I typed before.

Okay.  This looks more normal now.

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