Warhawk Air Museum

My Mom's cousin Dot and her husband Jim were visiting Idaho from their home state of Missouri. Jim is an Air Force Veterian so Kenyon and I met up with them to tour the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa.

My great uncle, James (Jim) Ihli was a Dustoff Pilot during The Vietnam War from 1967-1969.

Sadly, Uncle Jim passed away in 2010. His siblings and spouses decided to donate his military memorabilia to the museum. My Dad took up a collection from all the nieces and nephews and a display case was purchased. It is really neat to see his belongings and photos among many other men and women who also served in our military.


This is a photo of Uncle Jim at his high school graduation. Wasn't he handsome!

The Warhawk Air Museum has a plethora of things to see. There are lots of other display cases with items to view and also planes and cars. The antique cars are my favorite part! Well, that and visiting Uncle Jim.


This is an old dentist chair. Would you want your mouth drilled by the hand drill? Not me!!

This is a wedding dress sewn from a parachute. My Mom knows the bride and groom.


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