Nose To The Grind

I am up 2.4 pounds from my last WI on the WW scale two weeks ago.  By now I consider this “true weight gain.”  I am glad some of the temporary weight gain from vacation is gone and my pants fit again!

According to my scale at home I am 179.2.  I need to be 177 in order to be free for July and get my LT WI done for another month.  I know my scale at home is one pound higher in weight than the WW scale so I don’t have a tremendous amount of take off.

But I do need to drop back into goal range.  I want to drop back into goal range.  I know I can drop back into goal range.  This is familiar territory but it still will take some work.

Despite feeling like I didn’t work really hard last week I still earned 23 APs for the week.  I strive to earn 20 each week so I am happy with that results.  With shift change and working graveyard this week it will be a challenge but not impossible to get in some APs.  What I like best about working night shift is the ability to exercise before I got to work.  I really hate to exercise after a full 10 hour shift when I am tired from getting up at 4am.

My WW week starts on Wednesday and I made sure to buy in the fresh fruits and veggies and some good protein options that I need to make my week successful.  The hardest part will be reducing the sugar but I am committed to getting these few pounds off and getting my WI for July completed!

I also attended the WW meeting where I used to attend for quite a while on Monday nights in Meridian.  My leader Diana, who had to quit to pursue full time employment, was there attending the meeting.  I also got to see several of the meeting members I have missed.  It was great.  They were very welcoming and many missed me.  It is a nice feeling to have a good connection with so many wonderful WW members that understand my struggles and provide support.

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