Nutritional Labels

Do you check nutritional labels?

In order to calculate points for food using the Weight Watcher program means I have had to become better acquainted with nutritional labels. It is also important to know what ingredients are in your food too.

If you don't often look at labels, start spending some extra time when you are at the grocery store. Make sure you are getting enough nutritional bang for your buck!

Often times something that is low in fat has some added sugar and other stuff to make it taste better. Is fat free really worth it if it is chalked full of sugar? Not in my opinion. But each person has to make their own choices. Same with ingredients like enriched flour. Several years ago I gave up eating products with enriched flours in them. I prefer whole wheat flour in my food. Sometimes just looking at a label and seeing these type of things makes not buying it easier.

Knowledge can be empowering.

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