Hiking Table Rock

There is a really great hike in the Boise area that really gets your blood pumping, your breathing heavy, and the sweat dripping.  If you hike up and back it is three miles but can be extended into four miles if you take the loop around the back side.  I really enjoy this hike when I need a good calorie burn.  Usually I burn over 600 calories.

I met up with three friends early one Saturday morning to hike this area known as Table Rock.  A white cross sits at the top of Table Rock and it lit up at night time.  You used to be able to drive up and watch the sunset but as with most awesome places, somebody eventually ruins it for the rest of us.  I have only driven up a few times in the past as I much prefer to hike it.

Here are some photos of our hike.

Here we are at the bottom just getting as we are starting out.  You can barely see the cross and the radio towers.  This hike has some winding parts so it isn’t just a straight up view.

After you make a slight change in elevation the trail levels off for a little bit before climbing again. The cross still looks far away!

About half way up and you can see the city behind us.  Danielle, Kate, and Mark…oh and little Oscar there on the leash.

The trail take a pretty good leap in elevation and after this stretch I usually need a rest.

Here are some photos of out across the valley.

From the resting spot, this is a photo of where we just came from.

And…up we go!  The cross is getting closer!

We made it!  Gotta love the graffiti, Sheesh.

I took a photo of Kate standing on the edge of the rock using my panoramic setting on my iPhone 5.

Then Danielle snapped a photo of me.  The white looking group of buildings to my right is the Old Penitentiary.  You will see a closer view of it as we head back down.

You can see the tiny trail where we made our climb up.

If you follow the loop around the back side on your way down you get to walk in between these amazing rock formations.  I would love to explain to you how to get to that trail but sadly we seem to get lost each time.  I know you go through the parking lot area and then you MUST stay to the left and take the trail farthest on the left.  Good luck!

Still working our way down.

Now you can see the Old Penitentiary.  The parking lot to catch the Table Rock trail is right next to it.  They offer tours.

If you are interested in hiking Table Rock you get there by taking Warm Springs to the Idaho Botanical Gardens and the Old Penitentiary.  There will be a small brown sign for parking to your left and you must follow that road around to the parking lot by TheBishop’s House.  There are not bathroom facilities but you can use some at the nearby Quarry Park before you arrive at the parking lot.  The trail is pretty safe and I have hiked alone.  However, I think I am more worried of snakes and other small wildlife than I am of stranger-danger.  If you do hike alone, BE SAFE!  You will find people on the trail at most times of the day.

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