Whew...June WI

I thought I was barely going to squeak by. I got on the scale at home Tuesday morning and it still showed I was up slightly from last week. I will admit, I was slightly bummed. I might have felt differently if there was something last week that I knew caused a gain but there wasn't. I had a really good week.

Much to my surprise, I was actually down 0.2 pounds (chump change) from last week and well within my goal range. Whew!
Another month of free Lifetime and a Bravo star for June.
My June WI makes 8 out of 10 stars and only two months away from getting another LT key charm.
Just for fun, I took a photo of the scale at my WW center.
Sheilah, the leader filling for our usual Tuesday morning leader Donna, was kind enough to pose for a photo (Sheilah approved the photo saying she looked good enough to go on the blog). When does this pretty lady not look good! Sheilah is a testament to long term WW success with weight loss, maintenance, working as a receptionist, and now being a leader.
This would have been the action shot if it had not gone well.

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