The End Of eTools Tracking

I ended up not really liking eTools for my tracking.  I think I am just too set in my ways with paper tracking.

The first few days went pretty good.  I found it really easy to enter the food I eat every day with NI to enter the PPVs.  The struggle started when I ate out and had to spend extra time looking up the points.  This shouldn’t be any different than paper tracking.  I get so used to just estimating the PPVs that it wouldn’t hurt me to look up stuff more often.  By Saturday my eTools tracking had stopped.  In fact, all tracking had stopped.

We headed out for a quick weekend away and I didn’t track at all.  I wasn’t eating as mindful as I had originally set a goal to do.  It wasn’t a surprise when I got home, stepped on the scale, and saw I was up to 185 pounds.

That first day home was awful.  I was so bloated and uncomfortable.  My pants didn’t really fit well and I felt like I could see a bulging stomach (dramatic….I know).  The last thing I wanted was anything with carbohydrates!  I started a bit of a carb detox and tried to keep it light.  I wasalso craving veggies big time.  That helped and I felt better the next day.

I have also gotten back into exercise.  I am cooking at home and eating leftovers at work.  I think I am turning a corner from when I was feeling so disconnected.  I still have a long way to go though.

When I was at my class at the Y on Thursday I thought to myself “I can do this!”  I want to get my next key charm for 10 months at goal.  I am only two months away.  I MUST stay focused!  I need to clean up my eating more and keep up with my activity.  I can do this.  I want to do this.  I want to get my WI for July done with another Bravo star to add to my book.  I WILL stay focused!

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