Staying Accountable

For four months in 2011 I was above my goal weight.  Starting in August and going all the way until the end of 2011, each of my weekly WIs were above goal and cost me $9.  I am still thankful I made the decision to continue to attend my meetings even though I had to pay.  If I had not, who know what would have happened!

The start of 2012 brought a renewed focus and I was able to bring my weight back into goal range.  It also brought some serious reflection on where the shift happened that or what it was that might have attributed to the gain.  I was super focused during the summer months and made it through 2012 without having to pay for a meeting.

Since I have been hanging out at the top of my weight range here recently, it is again time to reflect if there is something I am eating and/or something in my routine that starts to become relaxed.  I need to stay focused.  I don’t want to struggle like I did in 2011.

Here are my weights recorded for the same week in the month in June.

2010 - 176

2011 – 177.8

2012 – 174

2013 – 176.8

I am still holding my own!  Even when I was above goal for those 4 months, it was only by a little over a pound.  I can start to see that upward trend.  You can see in 2012 I had a better handle on it as my weight was 2.8 pounds less.

I don’t want to over-analyze things but I also don’t want to be too lax.  I do miss seeing 174 on the scale.  I need to stay super vigilant and focused.  I am posting here for accountability.

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