Visiting Idaho Aquarium

My niece Hailey turned nine on the 25th and had a birthday party at Idaho Aquarium.

I have never visited our aquarium. It is small but has so many fun things to look at. It is also quite interactive and you can touch sting rays, sharks, coral, birds, iguanas, and other types of plant life. I saw jelly fish, a sea turtle, eels, and a huge hermit crab. It was a very neat experience and I think all 12 of the kids at the birthday party really enjoyed themselves.

The aquatic life must be used to having people around all the time because most of them would swim right up to the windows of the tanks. It was almost like they were looking right at you. It made for some neat photos but also some hard to catch photos.

I plan to go back for a visit soon!

Sting rays


I found Nemo

Fish food. Fish eat fish?

Loved the sea turtle

Hailey got to feed the fish in the big tank

Eel peaking out

How jelly fish start

Jelly fish

Hailey feeding the bird

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