Void Of Veggies

One of the reason I will always return to my healthy living lifestyle is because I crave veggies when I have not had them in a while. Don't get me wrong, I get bored of veggies easily. However, when I go a few days without I can't wait to have a big 'ol salad bar.

At the end of our vacation as we headed for home we hit up Trader Joe's so I could buy an insane amount of peanut butter. I wish we had a Trader Joe's in Boise. Anyway, at TJ's I also picked up a bag of Cesar salad mix. You know the kind that has the dressing, cheese, and croutons all in one bag. I really wanted something green. Just to clarify, they do actually serve veggies in Northern Idaho I just didn't partake in many.

I added some dressing and cheese and shook it all up inside the bag. I rolled the bag down a bit and grabbed a plastic fork. Instant veggies on the road! I ate the whole bag...all three servings.

The veggie void continued and a few days later I wanted a big batch of cooked veggies. I added part of a zucchini, carrots, half a red and green pepper, broccoli, celery, and cabbage and cooked it in some olive oil and garlic. I added some teriyaki sauce and sweet and sour sauce to give it some flavor and thew in a left over chicken breast. It was delicious and I ate it all in one sitting!

I am fortunate that this healthy lifestyle is part of my daily habit and I miss it when I veer off into the land of yummy-high-calorie-food.

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