Out Of Control Snacking And What I Am Feeling

My snacking was out of control last night. I am trying to stay up later to turn around my sleep in preparation for working graveyard shift (8pm to 6am) this week. I spent a lot of time watching TV yesterday and I think some boredom and anxiety started to set in.

I need to rewind to earlier that morning.

I woke up about 8am and decided to make an egg sandwich. I cooked one egg and one egg white, topped with two slices of bacon, and a little bit of gouda cheese. I put that on one slice of whole wheat Dakota Great Harvest Bread with some spicy mustard. I had some strawberries with that.

I mowed the lawn and did some outside yard work earning 5APs. I made a snack of 4 oz non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with 16 grams peanut butter and a little honey mixed in. I cut up an apple and ate it as a dip. This was delicious!

Lunchtime rolled around and I was really feeling the craving for pizza. I know I need to clean up my eating (WW weeks starts Tuesdays) and knowing I need to eat clean made pizza all that more appealing. It is silly to have pizza when I need to lose to be in goal range for July. Kenyon was easy to persuade and we went to Idaho Pizza Company for pizza and salad bar buffet. This was at 1:30pm. I had two full full slices of pizza and then a few bites and toppings of two more. I also had my usual veggie salad bar with beans and ranch on the side. I finished off with four of the half-size cinnamon twists. I will take this time to say the cinnamon twists aren't that good. I need to remember that next time!

We didn't really have a dinner plan. I am also trying to eat out less/spend less money. We visit the aquarium, ran a few errands, and got home around 4:30pm. While I was watching TV I snacked on some shelled peanuts, had a cheese stick, and after still feeling snacky popped some air popped popcorn with some oil.

A few hours later, probably when I was really getting hungry, I made a milkshake at home with some strawberries and no-sugar-added ice cream.

About 9pm or so we decided we were ready for dinner, although I am not sure I was really hungry. We boiled some Kirkland all beef hot dogs and I cooked a few tater tots for me. I had two hot dogs and the tots but I really didn't feel good later in the evening. I had some bad indigestion and seemed to not be able to get enough water. I felt so thirsty and drank a lot of water.

I didn't eat anything else and went to bed at 1:20am.

I didn't track anything yesterday.

I am feeling slightly deflated in that I might not get to goal range the first week in July. It might have to be some other week in July but I will get it. I am still going to give it my all. I need to clean up the diet. I am fully aware when I am snacking and I don't need to be and yet I still do it anyway. It is one difficulty of the graveyard shift and being awake and watching TV on days off. Thankfully I only work graveyard this week and then again for a few weeks later in July.

Every year of maintenance is different. I spent last year maintaining pretty easily in my goal range. The year before was sort of like this year in that I spent a good part of it close to the top of my range or over my goal range. It does sort of bum me out a little but I know I have succeeded in keeping this weight off for the last four years. I fully intended to continue that into year five and beyond.

I will go out for a walk today. Clear my head and re-focus. I am also going to attend a WW meeting tonight with a group I enjoyed and fit in with well. I changed meetings after the leader had to take a full time job and I didn't really like the leader who replaced her. Also, my leader Donna should be back next week and I will also be back to my normal Tuesday morning meeting next week.

My goal this week is healthy eating and activity. I need to eat clean and continue to get in some activity as I get switched around to a new sleep and work routine.

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noelle said...

Just started reading your blog. I got my lifetime in 2007 and it's been up and down for me since. I am currently in a very up place and not happy about it at all. I look forward to reading more of your blog!