This Is A Lifestyle

I am guessing if you are a WW member and reading this blog you have perhaps heard a time or two:

This is not a diet.  This is a lifestyle.

I know a few of you can count the many times you have tried the quick fix diet and found after you stop following that diet, the weight comes back.  I have been there.  I lost 30 pounds on a quick fix diet before resuming my normal unhealthy eating.

WW is not a diet.  Well, technically it is a diet.  WW is a plan used to assist you in your weight loss journey.  I have always looked at my weight loss as a journey.  There was never real “end date.”  Once I made it to goal a whole new journey started called the maintenance journey.  It also doesn’t have and “end date.”  I continue to plug along my journey and re-evaluate when necessary. 

Your mindset can really help you in your weight loss and maintenance journey.  I get a lot of comments from other WW members, “I hope I can keep the weight off as long as you have.”  I have kept the weight off because I BELIEVE I will keep the weight off.  How you view your journey mentally can really make a huge difference.

You know I still struggle!  It is continuing to push past those struggles that show how strong mentally I am.  Plus, having a good support system helps too.

WW is something I will have to do for the rest of my life.  I had to learn how to make this a habit.  I had to learn how to make meetings fit with my work schedule.  I had to learn how to build a new support system when mine would fall down.  I had to lose some friends.  I had to gain some new friends.  I had to build up my tool box so I could use it when I struggle.  I had to turn down some desserts.  I had to turn down some social events.  I had to pick myself up, wipe my tears, dust off, and continue forward.

This is a lifestyle.  There is no going back for me.  I don’t want to live in my 300 pound body anymore.  I don’t want to live with indigestion and loose bowels (hahahah TMI!!) anymore.  I don’t want to be on cholesterol medication anymore. 

Are you ready to commit to a lifestyle of healthy eating and activity?

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